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At Vitalise HR Solutions I absolutely understand that every organisation is unique which is why I work with clients in Nottingham and the surrounding areas to agree a fully tailored service to meet their individual needs and requirements, offering both retained services packages and one-off project support, tracking and driving change management projects from inception through to completion.


Providing professional, cost effective and straightforward HR support, across the entire employee lifecycle, my aim is to not only ensure that your business is compliant in all your HR matters but to also work collaboratively with you to help you grow your business.

So whether you are in need of one-off project support that needs managing from inception through to completion or a longer term retained HR service by understanding your vision and strategy and identifying your key challenges and priorities I can help to develop your people roadmap for growth, giving you confidence to use this as a strategic benefit to achieve organisational growth.

Below are some of the areas I can provide professional help and support with:-

Attraction, recruitment and induction

Businesses with a robust selection and induction (onboarding) process significantly improve their retention and productivity. Prior to recruiting new employees is also a great opportunity to review your organisational structure it is aligned for purpose and to enable future growth. I can help with defining your employer brand and enabling the right people, in the right role, at the right time and with the right capability.

Engagement and retention

Focusing on employee engagement strengthens the mental and emotional connection employees feel toward their place of work. The more engaged employees are, the more they trust their managers and the organisation, the greater their performance is and therefore that of the organisation. I can help by developing key employee engagement strategies, from communication to reward and recognition, to enable organisational growth and enhanced success.

Learning, talent and development

Training and developing employees not only increases employee engagement, productivity and efficiency it also enables an enhanced employer brand, organisational growth and reduces turnover.

I can help by identifying, defining and developing current and future capability by embedding a robust and consistent approach to managing performance, talent management and developing effective and engaging leaders and growing high performing, engaged and productive teams.


Managing involuntary exits need to be managed robustly with care and empathy, and in line with employment legislation. Additionally understanding and analysing the insight provided by departing employees can result in opportunities for improvement that increases employee engagement and retention and enhances the employer brand.

I can help you navigate your way through tricky employment issues, such as redundancies and conduct and capability, and assist in the collation and analysis of leaver insight and feedback.

Insights Discovery helps individuals to perform at their highest level by improving their understanding of themselves and their colleagues so that they can have more respectful, productive and positive working relationships.

A psychometric tool based on the psychology of Carl Jung, Insights Discovery is the very start of the self-awareness journey that helps an individual recognise that each person is unique with different personality preferences, styles of working and approaches.

The simple and memorable four colour energy model provides a common language about what drives behaviour in the workplace enabling individuals to understand why we behave the way we do, their preferred style, their strengths and the value they bring to the team.

Insights Discovery Practitioner

The Journey

The start of the self-awareness journey begins with an Insights Discovery Personal Profile and an exploration of your colour energy preferences in a one-to-one coaching session.

You can then choose any number of fun and engaging workshops, designed to meet your needs and facilitated either face to face or virtually. Some popular workshops are:

  • Understanding yourself and others and adapting and connecting
  • Team effectiveness
  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Sales effectiveness
  • Katie immediately felt part of our team and started adding value helping us through a period of restructuring contract terms, setting up staff forums and keeping us up to date on changes in legislation.

    She has been extremely flexible, balancing shifting timelines, extrapolating from incomplete information from group and reorganising priorities as we all reacted to the disruptions from the pandemic. Throughout it all Katie has been visible and approachable to staff across our site and a massively welcome source of support and knowledge to everyone in the business.

    We look forward to continuing to work closely with Katie over the following years and would have no hesitation in recommending her to other companies.

    Finance Director

    Engineering and Manufacturing

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